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Zvi and Bracha Horovitz established Federal-Fabrics-Fibers, Inc. in 1991. Together, they provided the US government with superior, innovative woven and non-woven products to aid warfighters in combat.

Federal-Fabrics-Fibers moved to the Lowell, Massachusetts facility in 2000 where they developed a family of AirBeam-supported tents and shelter systems as part of the Future Medical Shelter System (FMSS) development program with the USA Medical Material Development Activity and Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center (MMDA & RDECOM).

In 2022, Federal-Fabrics-Fibers was acquired by HDT Global, a leading manufacturer and integrator of highly-engineered unmanned, platform, and expeditionary solutions across defense, aerospace and government markets.


Federal Fabrics Timeline



  • Assisted Pvilion and Anchor Industries in the development of a brand new Luxury Gala Event Tent for Carnegie Hall.
  • Broke new ground with IS4S on massive drive through decontamination shelter for the Department of Agriculture.
  • Developed Chem/Bio Hoods for Saint Gobain.
  • Standardized shelter systems for mass production seen here.


  • Developed energy efficient tent with DRASH.
  • Developed Pontoon Pouches for Lockheed Martin and CREEL for Arctic Transport.


  • Partnered with distributors in Italy, Estonia, and Israel.


  • Partnered with Mercy Ships for two triage hospital systems for deployment to Africa.


  • Developed new advanced trailer system integrated with multiple AirBeam Shelters for NERAC/MAPC.



  • Developed new Robust Intelligent Inflation System to meet mil spec -40° to 130° & EMI Shielding.
  • Partnered with Merrimack Valley Health Department to deliver Chem/Bio Shelter.
  • Introduced new Ridge Purlin series Shelters.


  • Received ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Quality Management.
  • Entered the commercial market to deliver AirBeam Shelters
  • Developed advanced self-deploying AirBeam Soft Shelters.


  • Awarded Phase II Rigid AirBeam.
  • Received contracts to supply parts to modified Storm II military jeeps.
  • Began development effort with Natick Army Labs to create Chem/Bio fabric.


  • Began export of A/C and alternator WOLF kits for armored ambulances.
  • Awarded Phase I Rigid AirBeam.
  • Developed ballistic fabric with Natick Army Labs.


  • Received CBPS contract for 26 AirBeam Systems as sub to Smith’s Detection.
  • Designed and delivered 43’ Dome Shelters for SPAWAR.


  • Developed towed array for the Navy and a passive condensation collector.


  • Developed Wide Span AirBeam (WSAB) under Army SBIR.
  • Developed a rapidly installable breakwater for the Army.


  • Received the Vice Presidents Hammer Award and the SBIR Tibbett’s Award.


  • Moved to new location in Lowell, MA.


  • Developed carbon electrodes for heated gloves for NASA and the Army.


  • Developed carbon electrodes for super capacitors.


  • Won contract to develop high pressure inflated tubular 3D Weaving structures for DARPA and the Army.


  • Federal-Fabrics-Fibers, Inc. is incorporated in Delaware.