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Zvi J. Horovitz and Bracha Horovitz established Federal-Fabrics-Fibers, Inc. in 1991. Together, Zvi & Bracha provided the US government with superior, innovative woven and non-woven products to aid War Fighters in combat. Federal-Fabrics-Fibers moved to the Lowell, Massachusetts facility in 2000 and have been giving back to their local community ever since.

Federal-Fabrics-Fibers has developed a family of AirBeam supported tents and shelter systems ranging in width from 15’ to 30’ (4.6 to 9.1m) and lengths from 16’ to 45’ (4.9 to 13.7m). Some of these tents were developed as part of the Future Medical Shelter System (FMSS) development program with the USA Medical Material Development Activity and Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center (MMDA & RDECOM). Federal-Fabrics-Fibers has commercialized the high pressure air beam supported shelter systems and has been supplying the US government with systems and sub-systems since 1994.

Over 300 AirBeam supported (CBPSS) shelter systems have been fielded by the US Army. Additionally Federal-Fabrics-Fibers has fielded dozens of other fully integrated systems with AirBeam supported Shelters attached. These systems have been in the field for over two years in a very aggressive desert climate.

Federal Fabrics Fibers is still the AirBeam supplier of choice for the CBPS program which is ongoing and is now in it’s 4thgeneration as the CBPS-M4 version.

Federal Fabrics Timeline


  • Assisted Pvilion and Anchor Industries in the development of a brand new Luxury Gala Event Tent for Carnegie Hall.
  • Broke new ground with IS4S on massive drive through decontamination shelter for the Department of Agriculture.
  • Developed Chem/Bio Hoods for Saint Gobain.
  • Standardized shelter systems for mass production seen here.


  • Developed energy efficient tent with DRASH.
  • Developed Pontoon Pouches for Lockheed Martin and CREEL for Arctic Transport.


  • Partnered with distributors in Italy, Estonia, and Israel.


  • Partnered with Mercy Ships for two triage hospital systems for deployment to Africa.


  • Developed new advanced trailer system integrated with multiple AirBeam Shelters for NERAC/MAPC.



  • Developed new Robust Intelligent Inflation System to meet mil spec -40° to 130° & EMI Shielding.
  • Partnered with Merrimack Valley Health Department to deliver Chem/Bio Shelter.
  • Introduced new Ridge Purlin series Shelters.


  • Received ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Quality Management.
  • Entered the commercial market to deliver AirBeam Shelters
  • Developed advanced self-deploying AirBeam Soft Shelters.


  • Awarded Phase II Rigid AirBeam.
  • Received contracts to supply parts to modified Storm II military jeeps.
  • Began development effort with Natick Army Labs to create Chem/Bio fabric.


  • Began export of A/C and alternator WOLF kits for armored ambulances.
  • Awarded Phase I Rigid AirBeam.
  • Developed ballistic fabric with Natick Army Labs.


  • Received CBPS contract for 26 AirBeam Systems as sub to Smith’s Detection.
  • Designed and delivered 43’ Dome Shelters for SPAWAR.


  • Developed towed array for the Navy and a passive condensation collector.


  • Developed Wide Span AirBeam (WSAB) under Army SBIR.
  • Developed a rapidly installable breakwater for the Army.


  • Received the Vice Presidents Hammer Award and the SBIR Tibbett’s Award.


  • Moved to new location in Lowell, MA.


  • Developed carbon electrodes for heated gloves for NASA and the Army.


  • Developed carbon electrodes for super capacitors.


  • Won contract to develop high pressure inflated tubular 3D Weaving structures for DARPA and the Army.


  • Federal-Fabrics-Fibers, Inc. is incorporated in Delaware.