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All shelters can be deployed with one or two operators without site preparation and without staking. All shelters manufactured by Federal Fabrics have been put through rigorous tests at the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) and meets and exceeds all U.S. military requirements.

The 2500 Series Shelters have a span of 25 feet and a center height of 12.5 feet with lengths of 25, 38, and 45 feet with optional domed ends. These shelters are primarily used for Command and Control, Administration Operations and billeting. These units deploy in 13-15 minutes with just a couple operators.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Deployment
  • Easy strike and packing
  • ECU Ducts
  • Air Distribution Plenum
  • Easily removable inside liner
  • Protective Wrap for Transport and Storage
  • Wiring Points for Light Kits

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Standard Model Includes


Arches – Number is dependent on length of shelter.

Ridge Purlin – 1, Purlins (Model Dependent)

Outer Skin (Cover)

Includes 2 Personnel Doors with rain flaps.

Anchor Tie down points, Sandbag Flaps

Inner Skin (Liner)

HDPE, Light weight fabric to match Outer Skin configura-tion. Includes: Light, ECU Plenum, and 100lb. Hangers, R-

HVAC Plenums

Feed and return plenums are included.

Anchoring Kit

Standard kit.

Carry Bags

Full Size Bags with Handles

Repair Kit

Misc. Items


Four integrated windows


Two Man doors, Full Span, Temper

Removable Ends

One solid wall and One Removable Wall

Utility Ports

ECU Ports are typically 22″ diameter. Electrical Wire ports are 5″ diameter. (2 Front: 2 Back)


Removable Floor

Data Sheets

Shelter Product Data Sheet SS 253812 01 OD REV1.pdf
Shelter Product Data Sheet SS 253812 01 TN REV1.pdf
Shelter Product Data Sheet SS 253812 02 OD REV1.pdf
Shelter Product Data Sheet SS 253812 02 TN REV1.pdf
Shelter Product Data Sheet SS 253812 D7 OD REV1.pdf
Shelter Product Data Sheet SS 253812 D7 TN REV1.pdf

Available Accessories & Upgrades


Full Span Width (End-End) Door to Door (End-End), Side-Side, End-Side)

Man Doors: End 2 End, End 2 Side, Side 2 Side, Side 2 Boot Wall, End 2 Boot Wall


Blower/Compressor Dual Inflation Unit Several Voltage Options Available BL-260-BCHP-110160 or BL-260-BCHP-220150



CB Inner Skin

M-28 Type Liner to match Outer Skin configuration. Includes light, ECU Plenum, and 100 lb. Hangers, R-value-2

Solar Shade Kits

Solar Shade Knitted Canopy, Solar Purlin Beams. (Manifold needed to inflate Solar Purlin beams. Reduc-es Solar Load by 30%)

Hard Flooring

Several options available with Bike Track: 1′ and 2,” also 2″ ICM


Environmental Control Units

Light Kits

Multiple Light Kits Options.

Additional Doors


Anchoring Kits

Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 Soil Kits