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Expandable Containers


The current CK system overwhelms the kitchen with excessive heat, noise, higher fuel consumption, and can generate higher levels of carbon monoxide (CO).


AAR Mobility Systems, Babington Technology and Federal Fabrics Fibers have partnered to design and build the Containerized Kitchen-Enhanced MECC (CK-E MECC). The improvements are based on AAR Mobility’s enhanced AirFrame expansion wings and Babington Technology’s closed combustion appliance platforms which dramatically reduce heat, noise, fuel consumption and risk of CO exposure.

The CK-E MECC enhances the capabilities of previous containerized kitchens with noted improvements:


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Integrated Airframe Canvas Into Mecc Shelter

  • Provides additional headroom for heat to escape
  • Reduces weight
  • Ease of set-up and is more forgiving if not level
  • Eliminates steel poles

Exhaust Fans

  • Provides additional air changes
  • Removes the heat at the high point
  • All surfaces are vented contributing to
  • the cook’s comfort and productivity

Data Sheets

CKe MECC revised 1.13.17.pdf

Permanently Attached Wing Wall Leveling Jacks

  • Eliminates removal and packing inside the shelter and loss of parts
  • Reduces weight

Kitchen Equipment

  • All appliances are heated by Airtronic burners
  • in closed combustion heat exchangers which eliminates noise and heat contamination while also funneling all combustion exhaust outside the kitchen
  • 5-Well Heated Serving Line is battery powered and can be used in remote dining areas
  • All appliances are insulated and thermostatically controlled, making them fuel-efficient and safe to use
  • Appliances can be removed for small unit support in off-grid deployments
  • Modular appliances are stackable and use a storage cabinet base, universal heating module, interchangeable cooktop module and removable exhaust hood