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Flood Defense Systems (FDS)


To protect lives and property from catastrophic disasters by supplying Best in Class reusable flood defence products around the world

  • A range of high performance, rapidly deployable flood defence barriers that are affordable, reliable, durable and reusable.
  • Innovative solution for immediate flood defence at Critical Infrastructure sites.
  • Replaces thousands of sandbags and labour hours, saving millions of dollars.
  • All barriers can be set up and dismantled, by a team of 6 – 8, in under 1 hour.
  • Overcome operational and logistics issues with water-filled barriers .
  • Reusable, easily stored, easily transported.
  • Two 24ft barrier systems fit in the back of a pick-up truck.
  • Innovative use of advanced materials and manufacturing technology.
  • Enables lighter weight and higher performance products to hold back over 4 ft of flood water using the only high pressure air inflatable barrier system currently in production.

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Saving lives, livelihoods and millions of dollars with a unique, Made In USA solution

A new approach that saves lives, livelihoods and millions of dollars
A range of rapidly deployable, inflatable barrier walls.

  • Designed to prevent catastrophic damage to critical infrastructure and property, caused by floods;
  • Significantly cheaper, greener and safer solution than use of sandbags;
  • Barriers are 58″ maximum height and 4ft, 12ft and 24ft in length;
  • Can be connected together to form a continuous barrier of any length;
  • Height can be varied from 14 ins to 58 ins without dismantling;
  • No need for straps, chocks, special carrying devices or accessories;
  • Easily and rapidly erected/dismantled by a trained team of 6 – 8 people;
  • Reusable – simply dismantle, clean and store for the next event;
  • Repairable in place – does not require dismantling;
  • Small pack cube means easy storage and transport; 2 x 24ft barriers fit in the bed of a pickup truck;
  • Lower Cost of Ownership than competing systems of similar quality and significantly less than the cost of catastrophic damage to communities;
  • Eliminates need for special disposal of contaminated sandbags;
  • Patents in 32 countries (including US and Canada).

Catastrophic failure of Critical Infrastructure affects hundreds of thousands outside the flooded areas:

  • Power and water treatment plants, hospitals, highways, fuel distribution, chemical plants etc.
  • Recovery and repair take a long time and the costs are extremely high.
  • Federal, State and Municipal governments have a mandate to protect public assets.
  • Efforts to deploy and remove sandbag defences are very costly, labour intensive and unsustainable:
  • Thousands of volunteers required to help to fill sandbags and dispose of them after the event.
  • The costs of repair and recovery from flood damage are huge:
  • Governments have earmarked billions of dollars to protect against, and recover from, flooding.


STEP 1. Support

Fix the Front Base Plates to the
ground, attach the Support Tubes
and fit the deflated cover.

STEP 2. Inflate

Inflate the crossbeams (using an air compressor) and secure the Support Tabs on each crossbeam to the Support Tubes.

STEP 3. Secure

Secure the front and rear aprons to the ground using stakes or a single row of sandbags.
* If using Extreme Weather Support Kit, Secure the Rear Base Plates to the ground and fit the telescopic Bracing Stru