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Flood Defense Systems (FDS)


To protect lives and property from catastrophic disasters by supplying Best in Class reusable flood defence products around the world

  • A range of high performance, rapidly deployable flood defence barriers that are affordable, reliable, durable and reusable.
  • Innovative solution for immediate flood defence at Critical Infrastructure sites.
  • Replaces thousands of sandbags and labour hours, saving millions of dollars.
  • All barriers can be set up and dismantled, by a team of 6 – 8, in under 1 hour.
  • Overcome operational and logistics issues with water-filled barriers .
  • Reusable, easily stored, easily transported.
  • Two 24ft barrier systems fit in the back of a pick-up truck.
  • Innovative use of advanced materials and manufacturing technology.
  • Enables lighter weight and higher performance products to hold back over 4 ft of flood water using the only high pressure air inflatable barrier system currently in production.

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Saving lives, livelihoods and millions of dollars with a unique, Made In USA solution

A new approach that saves lives, livelihoods and millions of dollars
A range of rapidly deployable, inflatable barrier walls.

  • Designed to prevent catastrophic damage to critical infrastructure and property, caused by floods;
  • Significantly cheaper, greener and safer solution than use of sandbags;
  • Barriers are 58″ maximum height and 4ft, 12ft and 24ft in length;
  • Can be connected together to form a continuous barrier of any length;
  • Height can be varied from 14 ins to 58 ins without dismantling;
  • No need for straps, chocks, special carrying devices or accessories;
  • Easily and rapidly erected/dismantled by a trained team of 6 – 8 people;
  • Reusable – simply dismantle, clean and store for the next event;
  • Repairable in place – does not require dismantling;
  • Small pack cube means easy storage and transport; 2 x 24ft barriers fit in the bed of a pickup truck;
  • Lower Cost of Ownership than competing systems of similar quality and significantly less than the cost of catastrophic damage to communities;
  • Eliminates need for special disposal of contaminated sandbags;
  • Patents in 32 countries (including US and Canada).

Catastrophic failure of Critical Infrastructure affects hundreds of thousands outside the flooded areas:

  • Power and water treatment plants, hospitals, highways, fuel distribution, chemical plants etc.
  • Recovery and repair take a long time and the costs are extremely high.
  • Federal, State and Municipal governments have a mandate to protect public assets.
  • Efforts to deploy and remove sandbag defences are very costly, labour intensive and unsustainable:
  • Thousands of volunteers required to help to fill sandbags and dispose of them after the event.
  • The costs of repair and recovery from flood damage are huge:
  • Governments have earmarked billions of dollars to protect against, and recover from, flooding.