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About Us

Our History

Zvi Horovitz and Bracha Horovitz established Federal-Fabrics-Fibers, Inc. in 1991. Together, Zvi & Bracha provided the US government with superior, innovative woven and non-woven products to aid War Fighters in combat.

Federal-Fabrics-Fibers moved to the Lowell, Massachusetts facility in 2000 and have been giving back to their local community ever since. Federal-Fabrics-Fibers has developed a family of AirBeam supported tents and shelter systems ranging in width from 15’ to 30’ (4.6 to 9.1m) and lengths from 16’ to 45’ (4.9 to 13.7m). Some of these tents were developed as part of the Future Medical Shelter System (FMSS) development program with the USA Medical Material Development Activity and Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center (MMDA & RDECOM). Federal-Fabrics-Fibers has commercialized the high-pressure air beam supported shelter systems and has been supplying the US government with systems and sub-systems since 1994.

Our Reach

Position In Market

Over 300 AirBeam supported (CBPSS) shelter systems have been fielded by the US Army. Additionally Federal-Fabrics-Fibers has fielded dozens of other fully integrated systems with AirBeam supported Shelters attached. These systems have been in the field for over two years in a very aggressive desert climate.

Federal-Fabrics-Fibers is still the AirBeam supplier of choice for the CBPS program which is ongoing and it is now in it’s 4th generation as the CBPS-M4 version.


meet our team



Bracha Horovitz co-founded Federal Fabrics-Fibers, Inc with her late husband Zvi J. Horovitz in 1991.

Their shared passion for innovation in textiles led them to pursue and create a suite of advanced woven and non-woven products and solutions for the US Army.

Together they grew the company and became pioneers in their field of textile innovation.



Michael Hainsworth joined 3F in 1996 and brought with him a strong background in textile technology. Educated in England he is a senior textile engineer receiving his degree, from Hinckley College in 1980.

Prior to 3F he had extensive experience with textile machine manufacturers in Japan, Germany and England. Michael co-founded a start-up company, Shapes of NY manufacturing 3D fabrics.

He has over 25 years of R & D and production experience in the textile industry.



Dr. Fred Geurts received a doctorate in chemical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1993. While at W.P.I. he investigated the catalytic deposition (initiation and growth) of solid filamentous carbon over transition metals and their alloys. He attended a NATO Advanced Study institute covering the topics of carbon fibers, filaments and composites in 1989. From 1994 to 1995 he was an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at WPI where he assisted in the instruction of chemical engineering seniors in Unit Operations. Dr. Geurts is currently head of our research and development department performing studies on composite Airbeam fabrication.

OUR Reputation

what our clients say

“The “Soft Shelters” provided by Federal Fabrics are impressive in their ability to self-inflate without sacrificing strength and resistance to deep snows, heavy rains, strong winds or even intense heat. Designed with the military in mind, the shelters are ready to meet the needs of first responders and evacuees needing protection from the elements.”

Chief Brian J. Pattullo

NERAC Council Chair, Andover Police Chief

“The Mercy Ships Procurement Department would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to Federal-Fabrics-Fibers, Inc. for your recent donation of Dockside Tents. Without the support of generous people like you, we could not begin to perform our mission to the world’s impoverished people.

Russ Holmes

Director, International Procurement & Corporate Relations

“Federal Fabrics went above and beyond in helping us design, deliver and deploy our prototype system. They were excited about our project and helped us create a unique inflatable shelter solution within our budget and schedule constraints. The system was delivered on time and it performed extremely well – exactly as designed. Federal Fabrics creativity and ability to work with us on 

Robert Henderson

V.P., Systems Integrations

“One person setup is great! We had them up for weeks without needing to refill with air. Super reliable and rugged!”

John Tompkins

Millennium Engineering and Integration

“With the current concerns regarding bio-terrorism, pandemic influenza, and large scale emergencies, the need for a mobile shelter that could provide a chemically and biologically safe location became apparent to local public health departments in the regions. The shelter can function as a medical triage site, and influenza specialty care unit, a dirty bomb shelter, or a portable emergency operations center.”

Sandy Collins

R.N., Director of Health Care Services Westford, MA

“The high quality construction of the “READY SHELTER” is not compromised by the speed and ease by which it can be erected. Clearly, there is an obvios potential for use of these shelters by members of the public safety community, i.e., emergency response teams, police and/or fire departments.”

Kenneth Lavallee

Superintendent of Police, Lowell, MA

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