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Federal-Fabrics-Fibers owns and occupies 30,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, including a yarn coating and conversion room, a weaving plant, cutting and sewing rooms, an AirBeam assembly plant including manifold and inflation system workshops all housed in a state of the art manufacturing plant at 45 W. Adams St. near to the Merrimack River in Lowell, Massachusetts.


Our weaving plant consists of dedicated computer controlled weaving equipment (Looms) with fully modified 12 axis motion control allowing us to manufacture 3 dimensional shaped seamless tubular or flat woven fabrics with complete control and automation of the minor and major diameters and variable in all axis whilst in motion. This is a unique and patented capability of Federal-Fabrics-Fibers . Our standard fabric diameter ranges from 4” up to 24” with customization from 2” thru 52” in Diameter. We also have braiding equipment,fiber processing machines including wet coating, extruded and reforming equipment, with roll to roll slitting.


Federal-Fabrics-Fibers owns and operates a sewing machine plant. These machines have been customized for special applications, including programmable single and double needle, over edge machines which have been modified for heavy gauge over edge work.
Heavy duty zigzag machines, various cutting and stamping presses, Hot air and hot press, Wedge and RF welders.


Custom made, 2 stage injection molding equipment. Custom made multi-layer extrusion coating / laminator.


Various wedge weld, hot air, RF, ultra-sonic, hot press and high pressure (30,000 psi) hot press welding equipment, cutting and stamping, inflation, pressure testing, paint spraying, dripper & dipping tanks as well as drying & curing equipment.


Federal-Fabrics-Fibers ‘s shop is equipped with computer controlled lathes, milling, shear, break, slip roll, band saws, cut off saws, plasma cutter, drill presses, cutting, grinding equipment, 50 ton hydraulic press, Pipe and tubing benders, and a fully equipped welding and cutting booth with MIG and TIG, Soldering and spot welding,. With our evolving need for fixtures and custom built process equipment that necessitates the immediacy of having the manufacturing and fabricating capability available in house. Federal-Fabrics-Fibers retains its own machine shop to avoid the time lag associated with outsourcing our fabrication needs.